Hennie Havenaar

Drs. Hennie Havenaar studied human resources management and business administration at the Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR). He specialized in strategic management, with his graduation subject core competencies

As a consultant, Hennie has gained extensive experience in the field of time management and process improvement. He supports his clients with the development and improvement of staff deployment and the optimization of work processes. His starting point is: “It is important to look at business problems from different perspectives. After all, there is never one road that leads to the solution! ”

He advises organizations, government institutions and work councils about planning solutions. Some of these planning themes are: central/decentralized planning, scheduling flexibility, management capacity, collective/individual scheduling, development of planning competencies.

As an advisor, Hennie takes a strong account of the different interests in labor organizations and ensures support so that (planning) changes are actually implemented.