Coen van Limborgh

Dr. Coen van Limborgh studied Work and Organizational Psychology at the University of Amsterdam and obtained his Ph.D. in 1996 at the Personnel Sciences Department in Tilburg with a dissertation on the difficulty of changing schedules and allowance systems.

After his promotion, he gained 20 years of consulting experience within organizations in the field of working hours and capacity. Coen brings experiences from all possible sectors in the Netherlands / Belgium where rosters work at irregular hours, such as health care, industry, police, prison, public transport, and aviation.

He combines insight into scheduling technology and labor relations towards taking those involved towards pleasurable changes. Tailor-made shift work, both from the perspective of efficiency and of individual employees, is a subject that Coen is very enthusiastic about.

“I like to explore the conditions with my clients (HR, management, employees) and develop solutions within those frameworks. A project is successful if the parties involved agree that in the end, our final outcome is the best possible. I am convinced that this balancing act asks for some team effort. The concessions you make herein are there to create a better future.