About Syntro

Syntro is a Dutch consultancy firm which has been established in 2009. Originally, the company focused on three main subjects: Sustainable and efficient scheduling, the organization of a planning department and the terms of employment related to working in irregular shifts.

Due to the steady growth of the company, it became possible to expand our activities to subjects connected to these main subjects. To give some examples, we provide training and coaching to planners and we have developed a simple tool in which employees have more control over their personal schedule on a weekly basis.

In the context of Operations Research, we use mathematical models to create very efficient schedules. Given a specified demand pattern, we are able to create an efficient set of shifts which satisfies that demand. Of course, taking into consideration the corresponding terms of employment and several social aspects. Within the model, it is possible to specify multiple activities (possibly at different places). The mathematical model can be used to calculate a single very efficient schedule when the demand pattern is identical on a day-to-day basis. Furthermore, we are able to provide the model as a tool to create schedules when demand patterns are different on a daily basis.

Bovenkerkerweg 41
1185 XA Amstelveen
The Netherlands